Aug 29, 2016

Note: Unchoosing


Sometimes it takes un-choosing to get there.
Un-choosing what isn't serving you

Aug 28, 2016

How your Purpose drives your Vision: An example

I have a friend who’d like to find her life mate. 
Her Vision looks like this: She sees a life with an equal partner. One who is energetic and ambitious, as she is. One with whom she can play, chat, romance, forage at the green market, curl up on a couch and watch a movie. Someone who is her considerable equal, with whom she can spar intellectually, grapple with the issues of this era, talk business strategy, and most importantly with whom she can laugh. 
That is her Vision. To find her Purpose — the reason she wants a partner — you must ask her, “Why? Why do you want this?” 
It’s important to get at what powers her Vision: Why does she hold this particular dream? 
What appeals to her about having this play out rather than, say, taking an independent path and forging through this lifetime on her own as an intrepid solo adventurer? 
For her it’s about love. Daily love and support. It’s the giving of love, it’s the receiving of love. It’s about the sharing of experience. Day to day. Moment to moment. She’s a strong, independent woman. It’s not that she needs a mate. She wants one. She desires the in-the-trenches camaraderie that comes from living your life out loud with someone else. 
That is her Purpose: Living love, sharing experience daily. 
Knowing her Purpose — to live and share love every day — that’s a gift! Because she can do that now. She may not be able — yet — to do it with the very same person day to day, but she can live and share love each and every day. 
Knowing her deep Purpose allows her to seek out ways to give and receive love as continuously as she is capable. Right now. Today. 
There are others with whom she can share experience. There are others crying out to be touched by a caring thought. There are others all around who’d like to run out for a coffee, discuss the charged political atmosphere, be sounding boards for career options, explore spiritual truths. 
Others abound… 
Opportunities abound… 
For one who’d like to live her Purpose, the world is ripe with the chance to do so. Now. 
The Vision may take time to achieve… 
Purpose can be lived now. Always.

Excerpt from Burn Baby Burn: Spark The Creative Spirit Within 

Aug 26, 2016

Note: Out there


There is power in putting it out there

Aug 25, 2016

Beware the person who meditates

Beware the person who meditates; she becomes her own person.

Those who power down can't easily be swayed.

Those who go quiet often gain a light heart and a sure touch.

Want to become unstoppable?

Become silent . . . 

Ask questions of yourself . . . 

Then let the answers blip in from the silence.

They will. 

(Have a notepad ready . . . :)

For you 

Evan Griffith

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Aug 24, 2016

Note: Creative heroes


To all of you who put something out there
I say thank you --
Success or failure
you're my heroes
-- ! --