Jul 26, 2016

Clarity, love energy and renewal

Me thinking thinky thoughts

This past year I published a bookito called Burn Baby Burn: Spark the Creative Spirit Within.

Coiled at the core of this tight little narrative are these three principles for creating something meaningful: 

  1. Be clear
  2. Express love energy
  3. Renew

You creators know this: You set out to create something . . . and it turns out to be bigger than you. Far bigger. In fact, something comes through you during the process . . . and teaches your little whelp of a mind a thing or two.

It could be a a poem, a song, a business, a book, an app, a relationship . . . whatever you thought you were creating grew so much more expansive than your dreams for it that eventually you bowed down to it and uttered, "Sensei." 

This was the case with Burn Baby Burn. You could say that I thought it up . . . that I wrote it . . . but that would be only the merest of partial truths. A sliver of a fraction of a truth.

I set down the path and the path yielded phantasmagorical treasures I could never have anticipated.

Not only is there insight beyond my capacity in those pages, there is humor and freshness I don't possess in real life.


It turns out I need clarity, love energy and renewal more than my readers. 

It turns out out that when I was fumbling my way recently, I simply had to heed the premise of that bookito: To turn the creative process into a spiritual practice.

In doing so, I'm finding my way back.

The really exciting part of this is the greater message. The one for you. 

Create something for others . . . and your creation will in turn bejewel your spirit in ways you can scarcely dream of.

Create for others . . . and enjoy the bounce back effect. 

Unless of course you're creating strife or discord or mayhem or such. 

Then it ain't pretty.

For you 

Evan Griffith


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Jul 21, 2016

An easy choice

Two themes are sweeping the nation. 

One is distrust. Fear and loathing on a visceral level. It's taken over the political discourse. It's gone national in scale. Global.

The other is impish spirit love. It's been coming for generations. You see it in the texts and images floating by on your social media stream.

You can do it.

I can do it.

We're all in this together.

We are one.

All you need is love . . . and spunk.

It's an easy choice for me. 

The question is how do I embody this impish spirit love today? 

How do I show someone marginalized that I care? 

I'll encounter dozens of people today. Do I look them in the eye with a twinkle? Or do I look away and sniff judgmentally?

It's an easy choice.

Jul 20, 2016

The quiet power of looking at a thing sideways

An artist lives here
He probably looks at things sideways

This post from a couple of days ago ended with this thought: 
There's real power in looking at a thing sideways
What does that mean?

We're accustomed to looking at something straight on. We take obstacles at face value. 

Solutions often require a new pathway

When whales were being hunted to extinction for their blubber to fuel the economy of the time, the solution wasn't to hunt more whales. It came from a viscous substance oozing from the deserts in the Middle East.

The solution to our carbon-polluted air won't come from more gas and oil. It will come from other sources. It might be wind. It might be solar. It might be a resource we're not even dreaming of yet.

Let's say I've hit an impasse. Does that make my destination impossible? Hell no. 

But it might mean stepping off my path and forging a new one.

This is tough for me. I like my routines. I'm fond of the rhythm of my days. A new path means eliminating something or even most things I'd been doing. 

It's thinking like a soul scientist. Experimenting in the direction of your joy . . . and noting the results.

Most emphatically it is not experimenting in the direction of your obstacle . . . Looking at a thing sideways is getting clear on where you want to be, and then improvising a new path there.

Not making enough money?

The temporary solution may be to work more hours. Sideways thinking would have you move off your path, just a little, and tweak from there

Despite the cultural ethos of hard work/working more hours, the highly successful have always figured out how to do things in fewer hours, with less effort.

That's you. And that's where I want to be. More effective because my focus softened enough to allow new possibilities into my paradigm.

There's a new paradigm rising. It sounds a bit like the Tao. Where Taoists speak of effortlessness, we speak of inspired action. Which feels propulsive.

This propelling energy comes from the same root. Clarity. 

Becoming clear in your vision  even if it's only for the next hour  releases extraordinary energy. And when you're done you feel fulfilled, not depleted.

Clarity vibrates you to a new level. It puts you in tune with the infinite. Clarity is the opposite of rigidity. It compels fluidity. 

Once you're clear about what you want, you can happily experiment your way there. 

Does it matter whether you go over the mountain or around it and through the forest on your way to the lake? 

It's up to you. To me . . . . To get still and clear . . . and then improvise from there. 

(One interesting explorational step at a time.)

For you 

Evan Griffith

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Jul 18, 2016

Note: Plunge


Plunge into your own mystery