Sep 27, 2016

Art pants

The residue of your efforts will inspire as much as the work itself.

Sometimes it's an exhausted sigh after long labor that impacts more than the creation itself.

I've met artists whose paint-spackled shoes fascinate me more than the art on the easel.

It's OK.

Your work isn't meant for everyone. 

Sometimes impact comes from unintentional spillover effects. Your life and the way it is lived is the effect. Or the hushed power surrounding you when your work is done for the day . . . that could be the effect. Maybe it's the way you laugh easily because you are doing what you are calling yourself to do . . . 

You are the effect of the work you do.

Sep 25, 2016

Starting the day with a possibility bath

If I were Hollister Thomas it would have been yoga.

If I were a marine it would have been reveille and clean up.

If I were Jennifer Aniston it would have been hot water with lemon, a face scrub, then 20 minutes of meditation.

But because I'm me I started today with a bath. A possibility bath

A possibility bath has one rule:
Only let your mind drift to what you want.
Emphatically this means not to what you don't want. 

As long as you're bathtubbing it, worries and adverse outcomes are forbidden

It's a simple rule: Your bathtub reveries focus on desires. Whether you feel they can happen or not. 

It's about possibilities after all, not what is most likely. 

As we all know, possibilities that seem outlandish at first have a habit of sneaking into our reality fairly regularly when we make them our focus.

(Like here: Finding an erotic book in Paris)

(And here: They went looking for it)

This is the place you come to play.

Oh, I suppose there's more than one rule. There's an implied condition: That they be fun gwishes. The kind that energize you. The kind that tickle your fantasies. And make you smile.
Here's Havi Brooks on gwishes: 
Anyway, I needed a word. 
For the thing that is not a goal and not a wish. 
And not a dream and not a mission. And not a project. 
It's a gwish. 
Because it's fun to say. Gwish gwish gwish gwish. 
And because it isn't as scary to talk about a gwish as it is to share a tiny, sweet thing that is vulnerable and in need of protection.
I gwished it up for 15 minutes  it's all I had  I had to get my son off to a chess tourney. Yet it was all the time I needed. To stretch beyond my customary brainspan.

Try a possibility bath sometime. You, au naturel, in warm bubbly waters . . . you're halfway there already as soon as you slip in.

May your finest, most frolicsome tubdreams weasel their way into your experience soon.

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Sep 24, 2016

Sep 22, 2016

Changing your biochemistry

Contrary to what we previously believed, our genes are not fixed. The study of epigenetics proves that our genes are actually fluid, flexible, and highly influenced by our environment. And here's the best news, just because you have a genetic predisposition for x, y, and z, doesn't mean those genes will actually express themselves. 
External triggers like nutrition, environment, exercise, positive or negative thoughts, and emotions literally affect your DNA. 
So what truly runs in your family: heart disease and diabetes, or donuts and sausage? 
How about gratitude and appreciation, or belittlement and abuse? 
Change your thoughts, change your behaviors. 
Change your behaviors, change your biochemistry.
Kris Carr in the forward to Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin

Sep 21, 2016